By day, the streets of Kathmandu exhibit the notion that there is always a method to the madness – a system of order where there is chaos. By night the crowds disperse, leaving little but their distant presence in a state of ubiquity. The once bustling shopping malls and bus parks sit vacant. Men congregate out the front of a dance bar, watching and waiting for something to happen, yet little ever does. A group of women stand by the Garden of Dreams, with their heels to the ground and engines running idle. They too are waiting. A cluster of teens wander the streets aimlessly, howling and cheering to the sound of shutters closing. Some simply sit and witness the aura of night in its passing, while others occupy the safety, comfort and silence of their homes.

Created by Eden Row and Errol Tyson, ‘State of Flux’ is a sensory exploration of Kathmandu in its eventide.